SEVEN WAYs Insiders put your Organisation at risk

Most organisations are rightly concerned about external cyber attacks and many have taken sensible precautions to prevent hackers stealing vital business data.

But many of these same businesses have made little effort to protect themselves from a threat that is just as real and much harder to prevent or detect - a trusted insider.

Criminal background checks on employees may no more indicative of a heightened risk of them becoming a malicious insider than age, income or years of service. The hard truth is that any employee, either through malice, incompetence or lack of appropriate security policy enforcement, can trigger the sort of data breach that gives CIOs nightmares.


The US FBI has identified seven organisational characteristics that increase the insider threat:- from data classification to flexible work practices, from smartphone usage in the workplace to a company’s security culture, we examine the risks each present and give clear guidance on how to mitigate them.

Download this critical guide to learn more about SharePoint Insider Threats and how to limit their impact.